Supplies List for Portrait Painting Workshop, Yer Za Vue, #104

Supplies List for Portrait Painting Workshop, Yer Za Vue, #104

French Easel (Find something within your budget)
Most French Easel comes with its own palette.

Paint: Winsor & Newton Artisan Water Mixable Oil Colors OR Traditional Oils

*Choose only one of the following color options:

Option I – Warm and cools of all primaries
• Titanium White
• Cadmium Red Hue
• Permanent Alizarin Crimson
• Lemon Yellow
• Cadmium Yellow Hue
• Cerulean Blue
• French Ultramarine

Option II – Zorn’s Palette (full range of colors can be achieved using this limited palette)
• Titanium White
• Cadmium Red Hue
• Yellow Ochre
• Payne’s Grey

Canvas (it’s good to have a variation of sizes to choose from)

• 11” X 14” Canvas/Panels (3)
• 16” X 20” Canvas/Panels (2)

Brushes – Robert Simmons Signet Bristle Oil and Acrylic Filbert Brushes
(Need ALL 3 sizes)
• Size 6
• Size 8
• Size 10
• Cheapest bristle filbert brushes you can afford/find (even if they’re a different brand)

Palette Knives (Choose ONE only from the list below)
• Blick Painting Knife (3 ¾” long X 1” wide – $7.50)
• Blick Painting Knife (3 ¾” long X 1 ¾ wide _ $7.46)
• Liquitex Painting Knives (No. 14 _ $7.29)
• Liquitex Painting Knives (No. 3 _ $7.29)

Paper Towel (something to clean your brushes off)
• Paper towel (to clean the paint off your brush)
• Old T-shirt (works great for water based oils)

Trash Bag – to cleanup and dispose your waste

Backpack/Bag – to carry all of your supplies

Small Sketch Book – to take notes and sketch out your composition

Prismacolor Marker (Optional)– to construct your composition _value driven
• #70 (dark)
• #30 (medium)

Pallet – There are a wide variety to choose from. You can get one from an art store or simply buy a tempered cutting glass board (various sizes)

Container – to hold your water or mineral spirit if you’re using traditional oils

You can find most of the supplies on this list at Blick or any art store