Supplies List for Painting Expressive Landscapes in Oil, Eric Jacobsen, Class#107

Supplies List for Painting Expressive Landscapes in Oil, Eric Jacobsen, Class#107

Portable easel:
one that is equipped to withstand a variety of weather.
I use two styles: the standard Jullian suffices, but I recommend Open Box M Pochade boxed because they have proven to be well suited to my outdoor painting needs. They are compact, portable, durable, store wet paintings and are of the finest quality.

Open Box M Cody WY 800-473-8098
Titanium White
Cad Yellow Lemon Cadmium Yellow Light Cadmium Orange Cadmium Red Light Alizarin Crimson Burnt Sienna
Viridian Green Ultramarine Blue Cerulean Blue


Any high quality brush will do, but a suggested brand and sizes are
Utrecht, flats and/or bright bristle, sizes 2-8 for smaller work, larger sizes as suits your needs. Please, don’t bring worn-out brushes.

Palette Knife:

A good palette knife for cleaning palette and painting needs.


Use the wooden one provided in your portable easel. Treat it with
Lin seed oil many times over: rub in, let stand, rub in let stand, etc. Your wooden palette is designed to transport and keep wet paint, cleans easily, and doesn’t flap around. Please, no paper palettes.

Paint thinner, VIVA paper towels, plastic grocery bags, 1-2 squeeze clamps for securing various items to you easel.
Canvas boards: 6x8s, 8x10s, 9x12s We will be working on many small starts.

Additional canvases: Nothing larger than 16×20, please, unless you are very experienced.

Hat, water bottle, sunscreen, and bug repellent.

Recommended Books:
John F. Carlson–Guide to Landscape Painting
Edgar Payne–Composition of Out door Painting
Robert Henri–The Art Spirit
Charles Hawthorne–Hawthorne on Painting