Sun Moon Sea

Sun Moon Sea

Artists: Eliat Avivi, Christina Massocco and Martin Conley
Music: Keith Brown

This multimedia collaboration at Sequoia Gallery + Studios has been nearly a year in the making and is the first time three Sequoia artists have joined forces in this way.

Eliat (Ellie) Avivi and Christina Massocco were drawn to each other’s artwork, and the possibility of creating a joint collection of paintings was intriguing to both. Christina admired Ellie’s use of color and shapes, while Ellie liked that Christina “didn’t always have a standard way of looking at things.” They wanted to challenge themselves by exploring new directions and believed that by working together they could create something unexpected.

The work began with the idea of using three large canvases on which Christina and Ellie would paint together; they would alternate between them, each starting where the other left off. The large paintings are complemented by multiple personal canvases, allowing for individual interpretations of the larger themes. When Martin came on board as a 3D artist, he integrated the themes, colors, and essence of the paintings into his works.

“People just don’t normally work together on art, and collaboration doesn’t seem to happen often,” Martin says. “It forces artists to go outside what they normally do.” That includes being open to ideas and exploring where they go, says Christina. They have all grown by seeing the relationship to art and color “through someone else’s eyes,” notes Ellie.

The painters also had to contend with different working styles. “I’m rather deliberate in the way I go into a painting,” says Christina. “I have it all mapped out, and I’m very strict about adhering to that. And Ellie is very intuitive. She feels her way through a painting.”

Musician Keith Brown joined the venture by composing music specifically for this show, which the artists hope will produce an immersive and powerful experience for the viewer.