Robert Zorko

Robert Zorko is a self-taught acrylic painter who grew up in Montana among hard working people whose lives were tied to the land. He applies this affinity for these people and their surroundings and memorializes them in his art.

The world today is uncertain. However, Zorko’s paintings convey a sense of place, where his subjects have a small space of their own that is familiar and safe. There is a quiet peacefulness here, elegant, dignified.

Zorko uses any number of techniques in his work. This includes using sponges, fingertips, toothbrushes, and his favorite putty knife for edges and just the right angles.

He has painted for most of his life and has been exhibiting his work at many art shows and sales for the last ten years. His imagination has taken him all the way from his days in Montana to faraway places like Morocco, Turkey, Alaska, France, and Africa. Now he would like to take you there, too!

Contact Robert at: ten.tsacmocnull@3738okroz