LInda Klaus

I use the tactile, malleable quality of clay to alter the round wheel-thrown form to an oval, giving me a flat surface upon which to place my drawings.  Before I actually start the process, I begin by taking my drawing and creating a stamp to impress onto the flat surface.  In addition to using stamps, I also use various objects to impress into the clay.  This then acts as a shelf or crevice that catches glaze and allows it to pool, creating depth of form and color.


Clay has never failed to amaze me, even after years of work in this medium.  Nothing compares with the first look inside the kiln after a firing or the quiet, contemplative work on the potter’s wheel.  The time I spend throwing pots on the wheel as well as the effect of the fire on the glazes continually inspires me to carry on my work in clay.

Contact info:

Phone: 503 746-7693