Laura Hopper

From her pre-school years, when her mom was teaching craft classes, Laura has always been drawn to anything art-related. She loves color. During her career as a teacher, whether she was in a classroom full of young children or in the computer lab teaching older students, she managed to make art fit into the curriculum. She enjoyed watching how freely the younger children used color and experimental techniques to create interesting works of art. As these same children matured, many lost that sense of freedom and needed encouragement to draw or paint.

Since retirement, Laura has enjoyed the freedom to paint as often as she wishes. She reminds herself to keep that spirit that she observed in the young children.  She enjoys sometimes painting inside the lines, but she often adds experimental touches – a few drips, a little gold leaf, or some collage here or there. She has enjoyed sparking an enthusiasm for art in adult students – some who began as reluctant art students. Over the years she has also loved watching how people react to her paintings when she shows her art at open air markets or indoor craft fairs.

Laura usually describes herself as a water-colorist, but a more accurate description would be Water Media Artist since she now also does acrylic paintings. Marbled or mono-printed backgrounds are often the start of her recent paintings.

The greatest compliment she often hears is, “Your art makes me feel happy.”