Christina Massocco

My name is Christina Massocco, and I am native to Portland, Oregon. I work predominately in acrylics, watercolors, graphite, ink, charcoal, and collage. My work utilizes both fashion magazine advertisements and found materials to build narratives that comment on our unusual, temporal, and exotic culture.

When I am ready to start a new project, I lay these images out and select the ones I resonate with most. I ask myself what do I need from this piece? Am I frustrated? Does this piece need to be beautiful? Should it convey something relevant about my personal views to the world? I then play with the colored scraps of paper until I feel the pieces selected represent the story I wish to tell. Although the image usually starts in collage form, I rarely render an image once. I prefer to distort, edit, and exaggerate the images multiple times utilizing all the mediums listed above.

As a child, I was trained that true beauty was defined not by our physical appearance but by one’s actions. In modern media, advertising companies saturate the public with billboards and magazines featuring half- naked and androgynous models. These models are often depicted in awkward stances, wearing ill-fitting garments and fabrics that could never be worn as everyday attire due to their lack of functionality. Although these advertisements tell a very different story than what I was taught, I find them both beautiful and strange. The art I create explores and plays with the disconnect between past and present trained concepts of true beauty as a cultural obsession.