November Featured Artists Show

November Featured Artists Show

Anne Ferguson

Now in her 80s, Anne Ferguson is hoping that her show will demonstrate that it’s never too late to try something new. In her case, it’s abstract art. She’s been influenced by Matisse, Wolf Kahn, David Park, Wayne Thibaud, Joan Mitchell, Krista Harris, Jason Craighead, and Kitty Sabatier..

Anne is a graduate of Syracuse University of Fine Arts and has studied painting at The Art Students League in NYC as well as sculpture at the College of William and Mary. She worked in TV advertising and has exhibited extensively on the east coast. Her work is in many collections including that of the First Federal Reserve Bank of Virginia.

Anne identifies with Matisse’s reasons for painting. He said he painted for the average working man, so they could come home after work and sit in a chair to admire his paintings. She has been rewarded by having some such fans and they her painting. But also, she is simply blissful when working with and learning about color.

Royce Kugler

Royce is pursuing her professional career painting the subject she loves best, the natural world.  She has studied under Robert Bateman, John Seerey-Lester, Alan Hunt, wildlife: George Strickland, Gay Falkenberry, Jim Wilcox, John Budicin, landscapes (plein air) and many others. She is pleased with her African study of lions which you can see as she is featured artist at Sequoia in November. Through her education and dedication she has achieved a knowledge and respect for the integrity of her subjects that gives her a rare authenticity and dedication to her work. The love of the outdoors has taken her work outside painting onsite (plein air) capturing the beauty of nature as it evolves.

An accomplished, award winning artist, Royce shares her knowledge with others through her teaching and involvement with art organizations. She is currently a member of Oil Painters of America and served three terms as President of Painters Showcase, an organization that has been active in promoting the arts for 41 years. You will currently find her work at Sequoia Gallery and Wild Rain in Tillamook. Her paintings are in private collections across the country and she exhibits her oil paintings in galleries and shows throughout the year.

Rebecca Gravenmier

Becky creates one of a kind jewelry that reflects the shapes, colors and textures in nature. She creates unique hammered sterling silver and copper jewelry featuring quality gemstones.  Becky also creates a line of leather bracelets by recycling used belts. She began making jewelry for friends as a child and then returned to this passion as an adult and taught herself silversmithing.

She has been making jewelry for over 17 years and has shown her work in several galleries and participates in numerous art fairs in the Pacific Northwest. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in range ecology and has worked for the U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of land management for 33 years.


Cheryl Cameron

Cheryl paints one of a kind, original hand painted silks, taking the form of scarves, wraps, scarf-necklace hybrids and wall hangings. She is a self-taught serti technique silk painter. Cheryl draws the outlines on plain white silk with a water-based gutta. Sumi brushes are used to apply silk dye, which expand to fill in the spaces outlined. Salt crystals or multiple colors are blended for a bit of additional visual texture. After the painting is done, the silks are steamed to set the colors, and then washed and ironed. All paintings are on 100% silk, colorfast and hand-washable.