February 2019 Featured Artists Show

February 2019 Featured Artists Show

Stone, silver and smokey quartz necklace, Christine Johnson

Christine Johnson

Christine has always loved picking up treasures along the Oregon Coast. Usually the treasures are small flat black stones found lying in the sand. The next step is putting them into a large rock tumbler to give them a matte finish. The stones are drilled under water with a diamond tip drill bit. Then comes the designing and creating process, as each stone becomes a one of a kind piece of wearable art.

Each stone delivers a message, that nothing is too common, too ordinary or too simple to have a unique purpose. The stones, each significant in their own way, remind her of people and the process of life. Common lives, and common stones, given value as they are shaped into something beautiful by the Creator’s hand.

Christine is a special education teacher with a message to never, never, never give up because there is always hope for each person in every situation.

Karen Doyle

“Snow Day”, Karen Doyle

En Plein Air (outdoors) and in her home studio, Karen paints luminous, impressionist landscapes in oil on panel, of Oregon and places she visits. She paints with a palette knife and brush, often beginning with a few pencil lines to mark out her chosen composition, then blocking in large areas of color with a brush. As the composition unfolds, she builds up buttery, thick, impasto layers with a palette knife, often swirling paint together on her palette before applying it. Karen’s impressionist landscapes reflect the intense feelings she gets from observing ordinary beauty. This winter, she has been fascinated with trees, resulting in a new body of work.

Karen is an award-winning Impressionist oil painter from Beaverton, Oregon. Her art exudes the colorful light of the California Bay Area where she grew up, and the beauty of the Pacific Northwest which has been her home for over 25 years. Karen began formal art instruction in oils and pastels at age 13. She studied art throughout high school and college. After moving to Oregon in 1991, she earned a Certificate in Fine Art from PNCA. She nurtures two careers:  Software Engineering Manager at Nike, and Fine Artist. She is an Associate Member of the American Impressionist Society and joined Sequoia Gallery +Studios in October 2018. She balances her work at Nike and her fine art career with raising two children and two dogs along with her supportive husband Sean.

Elina Zebergs

“Tendrils”, Elina Zebergs

From her earliest memories, Elina Zebergs has had a love for our little blue planet and all that dwells upon it. From personal studies and pursuits, to studying marine biology, oceanography and geology in college, it is an ongoing passion that has never faded.

What Lies Beneath is the focus of Elina Zebergs latest encaustic series. With both literal and abstract expression, she explores tangible and visceral images of what beauty our planet has hiding just under the surface of our earth.