Hip to be Square 2019

Hip 2 Be Square 2018, Photo credit: Lawrence Whitlock

Sequoia Gallery + Studios invites artists living in the greater Portland area to participate in a non-juried, fundraising, open show in April. The gallery will show 12″ square original works created by over 300 artists, including 12″ square works by Sequoia members.

Included in the entry fee of $25 is a 12” x 12” canvas or wood panel. Artists of all ages, experience levels and mediums are welcome.

Awards will be given for the winning compositions in several prize categories.. Award winners and prizes will be announced at the Artists’ Reception in the evening on April 2. All works, including the award winners, will be on display in the gallery through May 3.

Sequoia Gallery + Studios will include area high school students for the second year, so expect the walls and halls of our gallery to be filled with imaginative compositions!

November Featured Artists

The November show has four artists, all with fascinating work.
On November 6, come to warm, dry, colorful, energetic Sequoia Gallery + Studios to enjoy the reception for the new show!
Festoon a loved one or yourself with jewelry and scarves, and your walls with paintings. And browse around the gallery for Small Art Treasures arrayed on shelves and boxes.

Hip to Be Square 2018

Sequoia Gallery + Studios invites artists living in the greater Portland area to participate in a non-juried, fundraising, open show in April. The gallery will show 12″ square original works created by up to 200 artists, with a section showing 12″ square works by Sequoia members.

Included in the entry fee of $25 is a 12” x 12” canvas or wood panel. Artists of all ages, experience levels and mediums are welcome.

Entry forms are available in the gallery and on the website. Substrates are available in the gallery beginning January 30th.

People’s Choice voting for the winning compositions in several prize categories begins on Tuesday, April 3. Award winners and prizes will be announced at the Artists’ Reception in the evening on April 3,

Sequoia Gallery + Studios is expanding this year to include area high school students, so expect the walls and halls of our gallery to be filled with imaginative compositions!

Visit our website to download application.

2 D Entries, Hip to Be Square 2017, Photo Credit: Larry Whitlock

Sequoia Winter Party and Volunteer Appreciation

Sequoia members and volunteers gathered at the home of Sequoia President Barbara Mason on January 25th to celebrate a successful 10th Anniversary Year. The guests of honor at the party were our dedicated volunteers, without whose help Sequoia would not have been able to stay in business for a decade.

Members and volunteers celebrated with lasagna and salad with French bread. Wine was donated by Gayle Pedemonte and Barbara Mason. Appetizers, including a “killer” artichoke dip were donated by Gayle Pedemonte. A white elephant gift exchange was also enjoyed by all.  Some gifts were very nice and some were very white “elephant-ish”.

Our 2017 volunteers include:

Heather Rubicam, Catering for our monthly First Tuesday Art Receptions

Jan Simmons, Community Board Members, Plein Air Committee Member

Carol Loughner, Community Board Members, Plein Air Committee Member

Kay Warden, Gallery Staffer

Doug Petite, Gallery Staffer, Exhibitions, and Jack of All Trades

Mia Hocking, Plein Air Committee Chair

Marlene Nash, Food Server on First Tuesday

Hugh Ferguson, Wine Server on First Tuesday

Catherine Volle, Wine Server on First Tuesday

And all the Sequoia members who volunteer their time in many ways to help run our 501 c3 art non-profit, making the whole larger than the sum of the parts!

Many thanks to everyone for making it a successful 10 year anniversary!

January All Member Show

Our All Member Show continues in January with some new pieces from our members. Don’t miss this opportunity to see this beautiful display of paintings and drawings, as well as ceramics, sculptures and jewelry showcasing all our artists.

In addition, we will continue our small treasure and ornament tree display. This is the perfect time to purchase a one-of-a-kind gift for an upcoming event for a loved one or for you.

Also, join us for this special reception on January 2 to celebrate our anniversary and for you to meet many of our artists.

September 2017 Plein Air Update

The countdown is on!!!

Plein Air@WashingtonCounty 2017 is just around the corner. The annual event runs September 27 – September 30.

If you have not registered yet, please come on down to the gallery today and get yourself signed up for this event.

Hillsboro is absolutely breathtaking in the autumn months and while it is a little early to predict the weather, the forecast looks promising.

This year, our Wet Paint Art Show & Reception event will be showcased within the Sequoia Gallery walls. Not only will you have the opportunity to experience the excitement of the freshly painted masterpieces, but you will have the opportunity to visit with Sequoia membership in their house!

So… what is “Plein Air” painting? As defined by Artist Daily: “Plein air painting is about leaving the four walls of your studio behind and experiencing painting and drawing in the landscape.”

Visit the Plein Air page on the Sequoia Gallery website for all the event details. Be sure to take a close look… this year’s event has a few significant changes to the schedule and locations.

A note from one of our generous supporters, Guerrilla Painter/Judson Art Outfitters:

“Carl Judson is the original Guerrilla Painter and frequently takes road trips around the country. He enjoys stopping to meet with individual artists and painting groups for coffee to talk painting or to rummage around his traveling art supply store. Given enough interest, he can even be persuaded to give one of his seminar workshops on plein air. If you are interested or know someone who might be, please give him a call or drop him a line.”

Carl Judson



For information regarding Carl’s upcoming trips and programs please visit:

Where’s Carl Now?

September Featured Artists

Our show this month features Gayle Pedemonte’s travel inspired oil painting, Janis Childs’ colorful paintings on wood surfaces and Sue Swain’s abstract alcohol ink paintings.

Gayle Pedemonte

After spending a couple of weeks in France this spring, Gayle says she returned to her studio invigorated. Visiting Giverny, the home of Claude Monet, Provence, and the museums of Paris was a lifelong dream for her as a painter. Gayle paints in oils in the impressionistic style. Her Featured Artist paintings were all done from photos that she took. Gayle feels they are a small survey from her trip, capturing the light, the villages, the flowers and the feel of France.

Gayle has been a member of Sequioa Gallery for several years, and this last year moved into one of the onsite studio spaces. She has been painting in oils for about 10 years, calling on a variety of experiences, classes and workshops that have formulated her impressionistic style.  She has a varied artistic background and jokingly says she is probably a better gardener than a painter.  Gayle’s large garden in Gaston is like a canvas that changes with the seasons providing year- round inspiration.

Picnic at Janice's
Rhododendron, Sunflower and Lemon Bowls, Janis Childs

Janis Childs

Starting at an early age, Janis has always had a love of drawing, using crayons, pastels, pencils, paintbrush or whatever was at hand. She obtained a degree in fine arts and started as a fabric designer in NYC, but soon moved to Key West. There Janis started painting one of a kind designs on clothing and selling at local boutiques, eventually starting an artist’s cooperative.

After many years of creating art and participating in multiple galleries, Janis’ work has evolved into painting on many different surfaces. Wood has now become her surface of choice. She paints directly on unfinished wood using pure pigments and acrylic mediums that soak into the surface and act as a vibrant stain. Janis says each piece is coated with a food safe finish, making for practical art creations.

As a September featured artist, Janis will be displaying hand painted wooden bowls, trays, lazy susans, salt & pepper mills and linens.

Sue Swain

Sue has been painting with alcohol ink since 2013 when she began studying with pioneers Karen Walker and June Rollins.  She continues to participate in several online groups where artists from all over the world participate, share, and encourage each other.  Sue also teaches beginning workshops from her home.

Sue feels painting with ink is very much like dancing with the colors.  Once she places a few drops of alcohol or blending solution on a smooth sub-straight, immediately followed by color, the ink takes on a life of its own.  A sense of awe and wonder happens for her as she watches the ink begin to transform into hills, valleys, trees, ocean or some other abstract painting.  Sue finds that dancing with the ink is freeing and relaxing and forces her to lose the need to “control” the process.  She says if one doesn’t like it, you can wash it off and start over.

Sue’s Featured Artist show is appropriately entitled “The Dance of Color”.

Heaven's Song, Sue Swain

August Featured Artists

Leo Brew’s oil paintings of wildlife and Jane Vanderzanden’s Western-themed scratchboards are on display in the gallery this month.

Sheep, Scratchboard, Jane Vanderzanden

Jane Vanderzanden

Sequoia Gallery artist Jane Vanderzanden’s focus for her August show is on her scratchboard drawings. Starting with a sheet of black scratchboard, she uses various instruments to scratch out fine details of light from beneath the black surface. Jane says this medium lends itself well to creating the form and textures of wildlife and nature.


Jane combines her two interests of nature and art into wildlife and Western themed acrylic paintings and scratchboard drawings. The details of her work present many transparent layers of color, small brush strokes or fine scratchboard lines. Her inspiration comes from her first-hand observations while hiking and trail riding through the wilderness. Jane shows her artwork at various venues throughout the Northwest.

Leopoldine Brew

Leo’s devotion to capturing the grandeur of wildlife in her paintings was first nurtured with trips to the zoo as a child with her father. She continues to visit zoos and wildlife sanctuaries regularly, where she observes, gains reference materials, bonds with precious wildlife families, and joins in the solace of these sanctuaries. Many new works presented in her featured artist exhibition, Majesty of the Cat, are a result of a full year of study and concentrated effort.

“In my communion with wild animals, I have long felt their equality with humans, and abhor the notion that humans are inherently superior to these grand living beings. They feel every emotion that humans do: pleasure and pain, hardship and joy, parenting and family bonds, stress and repose,” Leo states.

“I try to capture the personality and dignity of these creatures, much as a portrait painter attempts to capture not just a likeness, but the essence of the individual. Once I achieve a distinctive gleam in their eyes I feel a rush of accomplishment and I know I’ve turned another corner in my painting process,” she adds. Leo is committed to supporting conservation and preservation of wild animals in their native habitats.

Lion Cub, Oil on Canvas, Leo Brew

August is a busy month for member Sue Swain!

In addition to preparing to be a featured artist at Sequoia Gallery + Studios in September, member Sue Swain is currently exhibiting her work at two other Portland area venues in August and September.

Art for the Care – St. Vincent’s Breast Center

Sue is among seven local artists whose work has been selected by the Providence Foundation to exhibit at the Breast Center at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center in August and September 2017. Sue submitted her 10″x16″ alcohol ink painting entitled “Paradise Cove” for the rotating exhibit entitled “Art for the Care,” All proceeds from the sale of the art work will go to assist the Breast Center in providing a wide range of services to their patients including:

  • Transitions: An Appearance Center where post-surgical patients can shop for wigs, breast prostheses, comfortable bras, and other items designed to help women look and feel better
  • The  Breast Cancer Peer Support Program, which connects patients with the peer support of trained survivor volunteers
  • Cancer Support Services, including the Center’s Breast Nurse Navigator, Oncology Social Worker and a lending library
  • Financial hardship emergency assistance
Sue Swain at Art for the Care

August Featured Artist at Urbaca Salon 

Sue will also be a featured artist at Urbaca Salon in the Pearl District. The salon viewed Sue’s brilliantly colored alcohol ink paintings on the Sequoia website and invited her to display 14 paintings.

The salon is located at 120 NW 9th Ave #101, Portland, OR 97209.

Congratulations, Sue!

The Road Less Traveled, Sue Swain

July Featured Artists

Our July gallery show features pastels and watercolors by Laura Wilson and solarplate intaglio by Barbara Mason. Please note that the artists’ reception will be on Saturday, July 15th from noon to 2 p.m., due to the July 4th holiday.

Laura Wilson

Laura, a watercolor and pastel artist, will show new work created “en plein air” and in her studio  at Sequoia Gallery. Laura’s landscapes capture her travels around the US and Europe. Her work includes ocean, country and city scenes to bring the viewer a fresh take on familiar and exotic locations.

Laura’s desire to pursue fine art took hold suddenly 20 years ago.  She actively sought out artists to study and travel with, learning how to work watercolor and pastel while on-the-go. She prefers surfaces rough and toothy — watercolor paper that takes a heavy wash, or sanded museum board for pastel. For “en plein aire” she likes to do an “unrelated prewash” the night before a paint-out; then takes that surface to the location to discover a new way of seeing the landscape. This technique allows Laura to integrate her feelings about light and color with the immediate environment.

Laura retired from Intel June 2016 where she worked for 20 years.  Immediately after retiring Laura joined Sequoia Gallery and Studios as an artist and as an Encore Fellow working on organizational development and outreach. Her passion now is to expand the impact of Sequoia’s non-profit visual arts association.

Barbara Mason

Barbara Mason is an artist/printmaker working in her own printmaking studio in Hillsboro, 17 miles west of Portland, Oregon. A lifelong artist, she began studying printmaking in the early 80’s and was immediately enamored with the medium. Barbara has been making monotypes since the early 80’s and starting about 1999 discovered solar plate intaglio printmaking which changed her life.

Barbara is an arts advocate and active in the community. She has been a resource person for the Beaverton School District since 1976. Serving 8 years on the board of the Vivian and Gordon Gilkey Center for Graphic Arts at the Portland Art Museum, she was also a founding board member of Art in the Pearl, an outdoor community arts fair taking place on Labor Day Weekend. She has been on the board of Crow’s Shadow Institute of Art on the Umatilla Indian Reservation, Print Arts Northwest, the Washington County Museum in Hillsboro, OR and currently President of the Board of the Hillsboro Visual Art Assn and on the Hillsboro Arts and Culture Council.

Barbara spends many hours each year as a volunteer teaching printmaking in local schools and at Atelier Meridian. Her enthusiasm for printmaking is translated into wonderful works by students ages 8-80 who thought they couldn’t draw and therefore couldn’t make art. They were mistaken, Barbara is sure anyone can make art and everyone should be doing so.

Barbara’s interest in the solarplate etching process has sent her work in a new direction and the resulting etching multiples are done in editions of 6 or less. This original non objective work seeks to portray the balance in life as well as the choices made by us as humans.

Member Paula Smith-Danell to be Keynote Speaker at Sewing Guild Conference

Sequoia member and wearable art designer, Paula Smith-Danell, will be the keynote speaker at the 30th anniversary meeting of the Portland Chapter of the American Sewing Guild to be held June 24th at the  Greater Portland Bible Church, 2374 SW Vermont St., Portland, OR 97219.  The event is free to the public, no registration is necessary.  Paula will be giving both a morning and afternoon presentation.

The format for the event will be:

9:30-10 coffee, tea, and treats

10-10:20 Guild meeting, introductions, etc.

10:20-12 Silk presentation

12-1 Pot Luck Lunch

1-3:30 African textiles


Paula Smith-Danell
Elephant Print Tunic

Sewing with Recycled Sari

Have you ever wanted to learn about sewing with the iconic East Indian sari?  In this presentation, we will look at the design considerations and sewing techniques associated with sewing garments from these luscious fabrics.  The focus of this talk will be on working with “recycled” sari.  These saris are sold as craft fabric for reasonable prices, both at thrift shops and on-line.  We can give these gorgeous fabrics new life, with the proper repair and construction techniques.  Please join us for a morning of diving into the delicious fabrics of India and Southeast Asia.  Some sari fabrics will be available for purchase.

Intro to African Textiles

Have you ever seen an African Mud Cloth and wondered how it was made?  From Bark Cloth to Batik, in this lecture we will look at many of the iconic fabrics of Central Africa.  Come learn the history and construction techniques of Central African textiles.  Over 90 African textiles will be presented.

AfrIcan Mud Cloth


Paula graduated with her BA in Apparel Design from The American College for Applied Arts in London, Eng.  She has owned her own business, Fletcher Artworks, LLC for over 25 years, where she offers design services to the Apparel Industry (Norm Thompson, Sahalie, Pendleton and Columbia Sportswear).  She creates one-of-a-kind wearable art in her studio in Hillsboro, OR that can be found at Sequoia Gallery and on her Etsy site.  She also writes articles for nationally published sewing magazines (Threads and Sewing Savvy).

Life Drawing Show

The Human Form

Friday, June 9, 5 – 8 pm

Saturday, June 10, 12 – 4 pm

Location: Sequoia Gallery + Studios Classroom

This weekend show features the drawings and paintings from the past two years of the Monday Life Drawing group. Life Drawing is an ongoing, drop in session, coordinated by Sequoia artist Bonnie Burbidge. Participating artists are: Bonnie Burbidge, Donna Clark, Jean Fulton, Marianne Holma, Kylee Kersten, Robert Schlegel, and Jake Surber.

Charcoal drawing by Robert Schlegel

Hip to Be Square Recap

Hip to Be Square 2017 was a resounding success with a record number of participants and a very large opening night crowd. We are thrilled that this annual fundraising show is growing in popularity every year.

Sequoia congratulates the creators of the prize winning entries and thanks all the participants, volunteers and Sequoia members who have helped make this event such a success.

Enjoy the photos of the entries and the opening night reception, photographed by Sequoia member Laurence Whitlock.

Sequoia Member Published in “Thread’s Magazine”

Local Hillsboro Clothing Artist and Sequoia Gallery Member, Paula Smith-Danell will be featured in a six-page article in the April/May issue of Threads Magazine.  Threads is internationally recognized magazine for the sewing arts, published by Taunton Press.  Paula’s article will address the design and construction concerns that accompany working with recycled sari fabric.  As a fund raiser for Sequoia Gallery, she will be selling this issue of Threads at a signing reception at Sequoia Gallery on Friday March 24th from 5-8 PM.  Please come join us.  Wine will be provided by August Cellars Winery.  Music will be provided by Scott Mueller and refreshments will be provided by Swirl Cheesecakes.

Plein Air Event 2015 Archives

2015 Plein Air event: Here are some photos by Rick Paulson of the incredible event last year.



2015 Plein Air was a fabulous multi day event which included:

2015 Day 1:

  • IMG_0029All day plein air painting throughout Washington County.  Artists choose to paint at their favorite or suggested locations. Suggested locations: Cornell Farm, Blooming Junction, Helvetia Tavern, Helvetia Community Church, Jackson School Lavender Farm, New Seasons Market @ Orenco, Central Park @ Orenco, Smith Berry Farm, Oak Knoll Winery, Old Scotch Church, and Montinore Estate

2015 Day 2:

  • Artists choose to paint at their favorite or suggested locations throughout Washington County. Suggested locations: Cornell Farm, Blooming Junction, Helvetia Tavern, Helvetia Community Church, Jackson School Lavender Farm, New Seasons Market @ Orenco, Central Park @ Orenco, Smith Berry Farm, Oak Knoll Winery, Old Scotch Church and Montinore Estate
  • Evening Nocturnal painting along Main Street in downtown Hillsboro
  • No Host Meet-Up at restaurants offering discounts to artists on Main Street in downtown Hillsboro at Clarks, Primrose and Tumbleweed, Pizzario, and Venetian

2015 Day 3:

  • Quick Draw at the Washington County Court House lawn.   Quick Draw artist choose between painting the model at the court house lawn or painting along Main Street between 2nd and 3rd. Judging of Quick Draw framed paintings and presented on your easel on the court house lawn.
  • Artist choose to paint at their favorite locations throughout Historic Down Town Hillsboro, greater Hillsboro and farmers market. It’s all about Hillsboro today.
  • Turn in paintings at Pumpkin Ridge Ghost Creek Golf Club
  • Judging by Yer Za Vue.
  • Artists Reception and Patrons Event

2015 Day 4:

  • Public Wet Paint Sale at Pumpkin Ridge Ghost Creek Golf Club

2015 Day 5:

  • Opening Artists Reception, 5 pm – 8 pm, Sequoia Gallery + Studios

Rest of Month:

  • Plein Air Art Show continues, Sequoia Gallery + Studio

First Tuesday Opening Receptions – December and January

Annual All-Member Show
December 3 – January 31 

First Tuesday
Opening Receptions:

Tuesday, December 3 and
Tuesday, January 7th
from 6-8pm

“Northwest Light“ is the theme of our Annual All-Member Holiday Show this holiday season. The gallery will be glowing with our sparkling tree filled with holiday ornaments and artwork featuring the theme of the many varieties of light here in the rainy Pacific Northwest. Join us for our festive art exhibition at our First Tuesday Openings on December 3rd and January 7th from 6 to 8pm. The show continues through the end of January.

Life Drawing, Uninstructed

life drawing sample JCFebruary 3, 17
March 3, 17
from 2 pm – 5 pm
$8 per day

Expand your skills with life drawing of a live model using your preferred medium.  Sign up is unnecessary. Drop in. This is a great price and fun time to be with other artist.

Sequoia Gallery + Studios
136 SE Third Ave., Hillsboro, Oregon, 97123

Fran: 503-357-1307

Registration is not necessary

Meet and Mingle

Meet and MingleFebruary 14 & 28
March 14 & 28
at 9 am

This is the time to meet up with creative people.  Share your experiences in the world of creativity. This is a non-critique time but bring your work to share.  Sign up is unnecessary.

Elmers Restaurant
390 SW Adams Ave.  Hillsboro, Ore.,  97123

Class Questions?
Phone: Claudia, 503-750-6453
Email: classes@sequoiagallerystudios.org

Registration is not necessary

#83 Painting Demonstration, Eric Jacobsen

e,jacobsen.Event#83January 17th
3pm – 4:30

A perfect afternoon delight for $10!
Sit back and take in the demonstration by Eric Jacobsen as he shares his methods of producing award winning paintings.  No matter what medium used one can apply his techniques of pre planning a good composition and using values/light for expression.

More about the instructor:

Class Questions?
Phone: Claudia, 503-750-6453
Email: classes@sequoiagallerystudios.org

Sequoia Gallery + Studios
136 SE Third Ave., Hillsboro, Oregon, 97123

Registration is not necessary

#84 Bringing the Out Doors In, Oil, Eric Jacobsen

e.jacpbsen.Event84January 18th and 19th
9am – 4 pm

Fill your studio paintings with light and energy, giving life to your work with the expressive use of paint. Learn Eric’s ways of planning, process and painting execution. Bring your photos and field studies. Beginners to advanced.

View the Supplies List

More about the instructor:
www.jacobsenstudio.com, Eric’s phone: 509-364-0018

Class Questions?
Phone: Claudia, 503-750-6453
Email: classes@sequoiagallerystudios.org

[button link=”http://sequoiagallerystudios.org/classes-workshops/?ee=47″ target=”_self” color=”white” shape=”rounded” size=”medium” align=”left”]Register[/button]


#85 Demonstration, Steve Kleier, Drawing & Watercolor

s.kleier.Event90.__Theoldcity__January 21st
7 pm – 8:30pm

Enjoy an evening out while watching Steve Kleier in action.  Steve is an award winning artist sharing his techniques of drawing important lines to create a painting that reads “real”.   Steve is able to capture a scene quickly with gusto. Get a preview of his upcoming workshops.

More about the instructor:

Class Questions?
Phone: Claudia, 503-750-6453
Email: classes@sequoiagallerystudios.org

Registration is not necessary

#86 Drawing for Painting, Steve Kleier, Watercolor

S.Kleier.Event#86BrushesJanuary 25th
9:30 am- 4 pm

It’s fun and easy to draw what you see using just a few basic techniques.  Learn how artists have drawn for hundreds of years.  Drawing will be followed up by adding paint to create a painting that says, “Wow!”.  You will use a very limited paint palette.   Beginners to advanced.

View the Supplies List

More about the instructor:
www.stevekleier.com, Steve’s phone: 503-775-6562

Class Questions?
Phone: Claudia, 503-750-6453
Email: classes@sequoiagallerystudios.org

[button link=”http://sequoiagallerystudios.org/classes-workshops/?ee=45″ target=”_self” color=”white” shape=”rounded” size=”medium” align=”left”]Register[/button]


#87 Beginning Splash Watercolor Painting, Steve Kleier

#87 Old HouseFebruary 7
9:30 am– 4pm

Lessons are given to highlight watercolor’s best qualities and show how to use them to create realistic and dramatic paintings.  Using just a few colors as our palette we will make beautiful, simple paintings that open the way to the creative process. Beginners to advanced.

View the Supplies List

More about the instructor:
www.stevekleier.com, Steve’s phone: 503-775-6562

Class Questions?
Phone: Claudia, 503-750-6453
Email: classes@sequoiagallerystudios.org

[button link=”http://sequoiagallerystudios.org/classes-workshops/?ee=44″ target=”_self” color=”white” shape=”rounded” size=”medium” align=”left”]Register[/button]


# 88 Identifying Values Clearly, Any Medium, Brenda Boylan

Brenda-BoylanDue to snow, the Feb 8th class has been rescheudled to: February 23rd
9 am – 4 pm

Set your painting apart!  Seeing values clearly is one of the most difficult aspects of painting and is the key to volume, depth and shape in your paintings. Learn surefire ways to sharpen your eyes to see values in color, one step at a time. You will be working from still life sets for the exercises.  Beginners to advanced.

More about the instructor:
Brenda’s phone: 503-643-4156

Class Questions?
Phone: Claudia, 503-750-6453
Email: classes@sequoiagallerystudios.org

[button link=”http://sequoiagallerystudios.org/classes-workshops/?regevent_action=register&event_id=43″ target=”_self” color=”white” shape=”rounded” size=”medium” align=”left”]Register[/button]


#89 Painting Expressive Still Life and Landscape in Oil, Eric Jacobsen

e.jacobsen.Event89February 15th and 16th
9 am – 4 pm

Choose your subject and receive direction from Eric Jacobsen. Either bring a landscape photo to work from or use the pre set up still life. Loosen up your style by painting expressively and accurately. Learn how to set up a still life using appropriate lighting, material selection and placement. Further enhance your work with proper composition, values, temperature and paint quality. Beginners to advanced.

View the Supplies List

More about the instructor:
Eric’s phone 509-364-0018

Class Questions?
Phone: Claudia, 503-750-6453
Email: classes@sequoiagallerystudios.org

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#90 Splash, Alla Prima Watercolor Painting, Steve Kleier

#90 Euro PlazaFebruary 21st

Explore the fresh splash and dash that only comes from watercolor. Playfully and artistically create all at once known as “alla prima”. Learn to express in a few strokes, making the painting sing with excitement.  Beginners to advanced.

View the Supplies List

More about the instructor:
phone: 503-775-6562

Class Questions?
Phone: Claudia, 503-750-6453
Email: classes@sequoiagallerystudios.org

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#91 Smart Phone Art, Kat Sloma

February 22, 2014 – February 22, 2014

136 SE 3rd Avenue

View MapMap and Directions | Register


K.Sloma.Event#91.LookTwiceFebruary 22
10am – 5pm
 (Non refundable when apps list is sent to student)

Come learn the basics of creating art with your mobile device.  Participants should have an iOS device (i Phone, iPad or I Pod Touch).  With integrated cameras and the available apps learn creative editing, once only possible with Photo Shop. Prior to class you will download both free and $15 -$20 of apps.  No experience necessary.  Class maximum is 8.

After registration payment you will receive a supply list.READ MORE

#92 Presentation, Playing With Mosaic, Martin Cheek

February 26, 2014 – February 26, 2014

136 SE 3rd Avenue

View MapMap and Directions | Register


m.cheek.Event92February 26th

Here’s a time to escape winter blahs and enjoy mingling with artists of all mediums.   Martin will share his expressive nature showing how he transforms mosaics into a masterpiece.  Martin is a guest from Britain so don’t miss this unusual opportunity to enjoy his program.


#93 Painting for Pleasure, Seriously, William Park

w.park.Event#93.commutingMarch 8 and 9
9am – 4pm

Find the pure pleasure and beauty of using paint, whether you paint realistically or abstractly. There will be a still life set up, and artists are encouraged to bring subject matter that interests them. The medium is acrylic.

View the Supplies List

More about the instructor:
www.williampark.net, William’s phone: 503-234-2727

Class Questions?
Phone: Claudia, 503-750-6453
Email: classes@sequoiagallerystudios.org

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#94 All About Encaustic Demonstration, Elina Zebergs

#94 elinaMarch 19th

Watch Eli playfully creating with hot wax. She shares both the history of encaustic and techniques that she uses in her creativity. This is an evening to enjoy seeing the process and learning about Eli’s upcoming workshop on Saturday.

Info: elinazart@icloud.com

Class Questions?
Phone: Claudia, 503-750-6453
Email: classes@sequoiagallerystudios.org

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#95, Encaustic Painting Workshop, Elina Zebergs

#95 ElinaMarch 22nd

Introduction to Encaustic Painting!

Through gentle guidance learn the techniques of working with hot wax, torches, and your imagination to create beautiful one of a kind pieces of art. Learn history of encaustic and various approaches on how to work with this flexible and fascinating medioum. All materials are provided. A supplemental supply list is available.

Contact the Instructor: elinazart@icloud.com

Class Questions?
Phone: Claudia, 503-750-6453
Email: classes@sequoiagallerystudios.org

[button link=”http://sequoiagallerystudios.org/classes-workshops/?ee=468″ target=”_self” color=”white” shape=”rounded” size=”medium” align=”left”]Register[/button]


Special Thanks

Sequoia Gallery + Studios would like to acknowledge the contribution of long time board members, Lynn Adamo and Claudia Stockton, who recently completed their tenure as volunteer members of the Sequoia Board of Directors.

Lynn has served on the Sequoia Board for many years. Her guidance, community involvement, and marketing expertise have been greatly appreciated. Lynn plans to continue to volunteer on the marketing committee, while pursuing her own mosaic art business.

Claudia has served as both a community representative and educational consultant on the board. She is responsible for reinvigorating Sequoia’s educational program and has brought highly regarded art instructors to teach our art classes. Having recently joined Sequoia as an exhibiting member, Claudia plans to continue to coordinate our educational program.

Many thanks to both Lynn and Claudia for their many hours of volunteer service!

Open Studios Comes to Sequoia

Come visit Sequoia Gallery + Studio’s artists as part of the Washington County Open Studios Tour on October 19th & 20th. Witness the work and demonstrations of 20 different artists and 13 studios, all in one stop. Open 11 – 5 pm, both Saturday and Sunday.

Sequoia’s Ornament Tree

ornamentsFor the past several years, a wrought iron tree decorated with handmade ornaments has appeared in the window at Sequoia Gallery during the holiday season. The process of creating these ornaments begins early in the fall with a call to Sequoia members and volunteers. Some participants create ornaments in their favorite medium such as miniature painted canvases or wood ornaments. Glass artist, JoAnn Wellner, the creative brains behind the ornament tree, invites a team of Sequoia members to her studio to design fused glass ornaments. Our tree debuts in the gallery in November, however, we are giving you a sneak peak at the ornaments. The proceeds from the sale of the ornaments go towards supporting Sequoia’s mission of bringing high quality art and art education to the community.

For more pictures of our ornament making visit Sequoia’s Facebook Page

Life Drawing

life drawing sample JCSept. 16; 
Oct. 14 & 28;
Nov. 4 & 18;
Dec. 16 2 pm – 5 pm
$8 per session

This is a drop-in, unregistered event. Spend up to three hours creating your impressions of the live model. Each person will use the medium of their choice. This is a non- instructed time to work beside fellow artists. Beginners to advanced welcome.

Call Fran for info: 503-357-1307

Splash Watercolor!

Steve Kleier watercolor$195 for all 3 days or $125 for Sat. & Sun.
October 11 & 12: 9am to 4pm 

October 13: 10am to 1pm

Splash Watercolor!
Become playful with your watercolor and simplify your palette in an alla prima style. Award winning Steve Kleier demonstrates & gives individualized assistance. Beginners to Advanced.

Details: Claudia 503-750-6453


Martin Conley

martin_conleyI work in stone and wood. I’m always looking for new sources of wood for carving and/or turning.

“Cherry on Alderwood”
Cherry, 42″ x 15″ x 15″

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Chung Choi

choi_chung“Always White”
watercolor on rice paper, 18″ x 24″

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Meeting New Friends and Keeping the Old

Change is in the air at Sequoia this fall. Sequoia is pleased introduce you to our four new member artists. Claudia Stockton and Eli Zebergs are joining as studio artists. Claudia has served as the Educational Coordinator and also as a Board Community Liaison for the past two years, and now will be exhibiting her oil paintings in the gallery. Eli specializes in en-caustic and oil painting. Joining as a new gallery member, Jane Vanderzanden paints western themed art and also specializes in scratch board art. New gallery member, Lee Wiren, will be displaying his photographs printed on aluminum.

We will miss our departing artists, Grace Henson (and faithful canine companion, Willis), Beth O’Mahony, and Tom Boring. We hope to see them now and then and wish them well in their future endeavors.

September Featured Artist Show


Summer may be down time for most of us, but Sequoia artists, Martin Conley, Chung hee Choi and Bonnie Beall, have been hard at work putting the finishing touches on the art for their September Featured Artist Show. Martin presents found wood sculpture; Chung offers watercolor and oriental brush paintings; and Bonnie shares watercolor paintings from her travels. Join us for the opening reception; details below.

September Featured Artist Show
September 3 – 27
Opening Reception, Tuesday, September 3, 6 – 8 pm