Volunteer of the Month: Heather Rubican

Volunteer of the Month: Heather Rubican

Our April Volunteer of the Month, is Heather Rubican who caters Sequoia’s First Tuesday Opening Receptions. We are extremely grateful for Heather’s monthly smorgasbord of beautifully arranged, tasty and health conscious treats.

We asked Heather to share the story of how she became a Sequoia Volunteer. Here are her words:

“I started volunteering at Sequoia in March or April of 2014, just after meeting (former member and volunteer) Lynn Adamo and helping her with the mosaic project she was commissioned to create for the Shute Park Library remodel. At the time, I had drifted away from the art world and helping Lynn create something beautiful made me realize that I missed art desperately. I asked her for direction and she pointed me towards Sequoia Gallery + Studios.
I have been catering Sequoia’s First Tuesday Opening Receptions ever since. Food has always been just another medium for me. It’s an art form of its own. I have gleaned catering and hospitality skills from many people over the years, but it started at home with my grandmother, mom, and step-mom.

When I cater for the gallery every month, I get to create an ambiance in the classroom. I get to make it warm and inviting. I hope that when people walk in they want to linger, that they feel more connected to Sequoia, and that they want to come back month after month.
I love being a part of the Sequoia family. I love the collaborative nature of everyone here. Sequoia is a special part of my life and hopefully will be for a long time.

I’ve been married to my wonderful husband and high school sweetheart, Joel, for 20 years. I am part of a large family and have 7 nieces and nephews as well as several godchildren who fill up my heart. I have an art degree and have loved art since I could hold a crayon. It has always been a part of my soul.”

Beautifully said, Heather, we are so lucky to have you!