Supply List for Creating with Oil and Acrylic I, Royce Kugler

Supply List for Creating with Oil and Acrylic I, Royce Kugler

Paint: For Brands I prefer Gamblin (student grade is available) Winton (student grade), M. Graham, Blick, as well there are many others. Avoid inexpensive ones.

Paint Colors to start with;
Titanium White/ Zinc mix or just titanium white..
Ultramarine Blue
Cerulean Blue hue
Alizarin Crimson (deep red)
Medium Red
Burnt Sienna
Yellow Ochre
Hansa Yellow Light or Cadmium Yellow Light
Hansa Yellow Deep or Cadmium Yellow Deep
Naples Yellow
As we purchase paint colors start with the primary colors- Red, Blue and Yellow plus White, secondonary colors can be mixed; green, purples, orange etc. Of course bring any paint you are used to using.

Brushes; Bristle size 6,4,8 or a good assortment depending on the size of your painting. The larger the canvas the larger the brush. I prefer filbert, but flat, bright and round are great. Also small detail brushes for detail and signing the work of art.

Painting structure:: Canvas size approximated for subject matter, Panels again size for subject matter.

Other Supplies:
A paper palette and holder to transport the paper palette in. These are available at the art supply stores and saves vehicles from color spots. Odorless thinner (Tupernoid is good) and jars for cleaning brushes. A palette knife that will allow the mixing of color ( a drop down profile is good). Paper towels, old rags, napkins used for cleaning brushes, wiping out etc.
Sequoia Gallery does not have easels so bring one for your needs. Tables are available to share so table easels are ok.
Bring what subject you would like to paint or several ideas, photographs, books etc. I can help you decide if desired.

If you have any questions please call me at 503 649-3969. See you in class, Royce