Eliat (Ellie) Avivi

Painting is a necessary expression of my soul. I have been compelled to draw and paint since I was a young child. I am thankful for having this ability to express myself. It is soothing and healing for my soul. I honestly do not think I could live without it.

Approaching an empty canvas is always an exciting and somewhat frightening experience for me. I start to feel the canvas with my brush, with my hands, with every stroke we familiarize. It is not something planned, but more like the beat of music, as I find my brush strokes and feel the colors that are able to convey the moods of my heart. My paintings begin to take form in my mind as they evolve on canvas. There is a very real inner dialogue between my mind and the canvas, between my soul and the paints, between my emotions and color. The emerging painting and my artistic process each informs and changes the other as the painting comes alive. I work in many layers of color which directly represent the shifting layers of thought and emotion that slowly coalesce in a finished painting.My thought processes are most naturally non-linear. I am drawn to curves and circles and am soothed by flowing lines. Each painting represents my feelings and thoughts from a particular series of points in time. I try to capture an emotional moment on canvas with color and form. At times I feel it is as though a finished painting was waiting to be found, but instead of peeling the layers to see what is underneath, I must paint another layer on top to complete the work.

Some of my paintings have obvious significance while others are entirely open for interpretation. I want my paintings to be felt by the viewer without any need to think or explain. They are about emotions, the physical form of my state of mind, they are my acrylic moods.