July 2018 Featured Artists Show

Robert Zorko

The world today is uncertain according to Robert. However, his paintings convey a sense of place, where his subjects have a small space of their own that is familiar and safe. There is a quiet peacefulness here, elegant, dignified. Robert uses any number of techniques in his work. This includes using sponges, fingertips, toothbrushes, and his favorite putty knife for edges and just the right angles.


Robert is a self-taught acrylic painter who grew up in Montana among hard working people whose lives were tied to the land. He applies this affinity for those people and their surroundings and memorializes them in his art. He has painted for most of his life and has been exhibiting his work at many art shows and venues for the last ten years. His imagination has taken him all the way from his days in Montana to faraway places like Morocco, Turkey, Alaska, France, and Africa. Now Robert would like to take you there, too!

Yaruba, 8" x 24", Acrylic on canvas

Laura Hopper

Several of the watercolor paintings in Laura’s July show at Sequoia started as wet-into-wet renderings with the artist having no preconceived idea where they might lead. The underpainting with an array of rainbow colors transformed into a “rainbow giraffe” and the ones using her favorite blue hue morphed into paintings of a sea turtle and colorful koi.

Throughout childhood Laura always hoped for and requested new crayons, new coloring books, or anything she could use to make something pretty. Her teachers and parents encouraged her to color or paint within the lines. In 1975, after the birth of her third son, she took her first watercolor class. In that class she was encouraged to “drop” paint onto very wet paper. The excitement of watching the paint do “its own thing” got her started on a road to discovering so many new ways to make a painting happen.

Since retirement from a career teaching in the public schools, Laura has enjoyed painting, selling her art at the outdoor markets, teaching watercolor classes, and doing lots of travel. During the years she was lucky enough to be a wife, mother, and teacher there was often little time (or energy) left for painting, but now she gets to paint as often as she wishes.

"Koi", Laura Hopper

June 2018 Featured Artist Show

“Faces of the Matriarch” is a multimedia collaboration between artists Eliat (Ellie) Avivi, Christina Massocco, and Martin Conley. These three artists have come together to build an exhibition that honors the four elements. It is a reprise of 2017 collaboration Sun Moon Sea. Ellie and Christina have created acrylic paintings on canvas painted collaboratively and individually which reflect the forces of nature. Martin has designed sculptures that narrate the movement and power of these elements.

Christina says, “For me the four elements represent beauty and terror. Faces of the Matriarch has given me a chance to meditate on our Mother’s ferocity and fragility”.

Ellie explains they have loved the challenge of collaborating on a collection encompassing the four elements of classic wisdom. Interacting with these elements has allowed them to process the power of each and the interaction among them. Connecting the associations they conjured up and looking for ways to express the feelings they evoked by employing line, form, and color. When painting these pieces, the question arose, “What do they feel like; which colors do we use?” When the answers were found, the show came alive.

Earth, Alaska Drifter, Martin Conley
Faces of the Matriarch, Eliat Avivi and Christina Massocco