2017 Small Art Treasures Show

In addition to our Annual All Member Show , Sequoia will also be offering a display of Small Art Treasures in the gallery this month. Sequoia artists are invited to create small, gift-able items outside of their usual mediums for sale in the gallery during the Holiday Season.

Our unique handmade art gifts provide a refreshing alternative to the mass-produced items available everywhere. And Sequoia Gallery + Studios provides a relaxing shopping experience worthy of a visit to charming Downtown Hillsboro. We hope to see you soon!

December All Member Show

Every December, Sequoia faces the conundrum of who to feature during the festive Holiday Season. Rather than pick and choose among our equally talented 33 members, we instead feature…Everyone!

By lottery, we assign each Sequoia artist a section of wall, shelf or pedestal space on which to display their favorite and/or best works of art. Some of us create a new series specifically for holiday show, and others display a rotating smorgasbord of new and existing favorite works. But without a doubt, each of us chooses work that adds to the sparkle and glow of the gallery.

The results, always unique and exciting, invite you to browse a collection of gift-worthy, one-of-a-kind art works. Join us as we Deck the Walls and Halls of Sequoia Gallery + Studios this Holiday Season!